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  • Full body zero gravity electric intelligent capsule massage chair

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    $3,995.00 $2,850.00

    L-shaped space track
    Yoga lacing
    Automated body detection
    Foot roller smart massage
    Full body airbag package
    Simulation human intelligent robot
    1. Looks nice, wide application of the crowd.
    2. Intelligent design, built-in high-frequency massage ball.
    3. Can be controlled by pressing the corresponding key parts of a massage ball, to achieve personalized massage combinations.
    4. Double-sided design to meet the needs of different aesthetic. Cover metarial is mutispandex.
    5. May relieve discomfort and reduce pain, relieve fatigue, relax body and mind quickly.
    6. To promote smooth body meridians, enhance immune cell activity and enhance the brain self-regulation.
    7. Can accelerate blood circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, improving anemia, poor circulation has a good supporting role.

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  • Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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  • Galaxy Zero Gravity Luxury 3D Massage Chair

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    $4,995.00 $3,850.00

    2019 Galaxy Best Shaitsu Real Relax Supplier with Zero Gravity Function Luxury 3D Massage Chair

    1. SL type of curve of joint human body massage guide;
    2. Back with four-wheel massage mechanism;
    3. Extendable footrest maximum 20 cm;
    4. While chair with 6 drive motor ,1 air pump , 8 magnetic valve , 26 airbags;
    5. Airbag pressure for head, shoulder, butt, arm , calf and foot;
    6. Heating for waist & butt;
    7. Automatic height detection function;
    8. Rolling massage for sole (6 rollers);
    9. TFT screen remote control;
    10. Bluetooth music play functions;
    11. Zero gravity, One-button parallel moving function;
    12. Feet heating function


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  • Luxury 4D Zero gravity Electric Massage Chair

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    $2,990.00 $2,450.00

    Recline to the ZERO GRAVITY position, where your feet are above your heart! At this angle your weight is fully distributed across the chair for a deep, penetrating massage that works on your most troubled areas. Kneading, rolling and vibrating… releasing all your tension.

    Let your mind follow your body into total relaxation. Be spirited away playing soothing MP3 music.  Create your own special massage play list!

    Take your massage to the next level with a toasty heat treatment. Set the in-built heaters from 40 – 70 degrees and your tired muscles and joints will love you!

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