Luxury 4D Zero gravity Electric Massage Chair

Luxury 4D Zero gravity Electric Massage Chair

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Recline to the ZERO GRAVITY position, where your feet are above your heart! At this angle your weight is fully distributed across the chair for a deep, penetrating massage that works on your most troubled areas. Kneading, rolling and vibrating… releasing all your tension.

Let your mind follow your body into total relaxation. Be spirited away playing soothing MP3 music.  Create your own special massage play list!

Take your massage to the next level with a toasty heat treatment. Set the in-built heaters from 40 – 70 degrees and your tired muscles and joints will love you!

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Brief description
1. Headrest design;
2. Design balloon massage on the shoulder and arm side;
3. The rear pad has a heating function;
4. The hip and leg airbag massage design is adopted, and the sole is rolled and massaged;
5. With shitasu, airbag, 4D track massage, heat and music (Bluetooth) and zero gravity function, you can enjoy a relaxing massage throughout the body;
6. Design zero gravity, up to 170’C;
7. The body massage can be adjusted in multiple levels;
8. Equipped with a movable wheel, allowing you to easily move the massage chair anywhere;
9. The angle of the footrest and the backrest can be adjusted by the remote control.
TheTechnical Parameters:
Rated voltage: AC100-120V. Or 220-240V; 50Hz./60Hz;Rated power: 150W.Rated working time: 15 minutes.
Tilt range: 95-170°

Additional information

Weight61 kg
Dimensions119 × 74 × 101 cm


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