Neck Massage Physiotherapy

Neck Massage Physiotherapy

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Kneading massage shawl car home heating waist shoulder cervical body function Le neck
4D car home heating kneading massage dual-purpose

The new upgrade massage shawls, this feature is the massage of head and neck with heating, 8 massage head, massage and hot compress effect on neck massage, not only Shushi appearance is more beautiful.
Intended for
1 almost all adults have experience of low back pain and cervical pain, which is related to the change of environment, life and work habits.
2 suitable for long-term use of hand and computer staff. Such as: drivers, office staff, IT, etc..
3 suitable for waist, shoulder, neck and other related parts of the people often sore.
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  • Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
  • Application:Neck
  • Material:ABS & TPR
  • Model Number:neck massager
  • Size:Medium
  • shiatsu massager:8 massage head
  • massage relaxant:massage
  • neck massager:electric massager
  • massage tool:body massager electric
  • back and neck massager:physiotherapy equipment
  • cellulite massager:electric neck massager
  • massage device:shoulder massager
  • neck massage machine:infrared massager
  • acupressure massage tools:beauty and health
  • massage equipment:ball massage

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions16 × 25 × 15 cm


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